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Royal Mile Whiskies

7 września 2010. Kategoria: Sklepy. Brak komentarzy.

Kolejnym sklepem w którym przyjemnie robi się zakupy jest Royal Mile Whiskies mieszczący się na… The Royal Mile w Edynburgu.

Podczas ostatniej degustacji miałem w nim przyjemność spróbować:
Refill bourbon cask no.1873, 201 bottles. Bottled at 48.1%

Miła obsługa sprawia, że chce się wracać do tego sklepu.

Oprócz whisky można tam kupić literaturę fachową (w języku angielskim), kieliszki, piwo oraz słodkie fudge.

W załączeniu przestawiam ostatnią ofertę RMW.

RMW Newsletter New and Old

Click on the banner above to counter balance all the new releases listed below. We have a good range of old and rare bottlings available at competitive prices.

Organic Multi Vintage

You would think that more whisky producers would have jumped on the ‘green’ band wagon. Strange then that there are currently only 2 Organic whiskies available. This is one of them.

BRUICHLADDICH Organic Multi Vintage £34.95

Multi Vintage

PC 8 is almost all gone (see link below) and this new bottling is a further very positive step on the way to putting Port Charlotte firmly back on the (whisky) map. The older this gets, the better it becomes.

Multi Vintage

Third Release 59%

One of those ‘Marmite – Love it/Hate it’ type whiskies. If you’re a peat fan you can’t get more heavily peated than this. Young, cask strength and did we mention; very heavily peated!

OCTOMORE 3, 59% £81.95

To Try Before You Die!’

(25% off the £12.99 cover price)

Not a definitive guide, simply a selection of 101 whiskies well worth trying. Is your favourite dram amongst them?

‘101 WHISKIES TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE’ by Ian Buxton £9.75

LAST CALL! PC 8 no longer available from suppliers. Only a few bottles left!

To order PC 8 Click Here!

Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Brothers have rapidly established themselves as a major player amongst the independents. Another couple of impressive bottlings; a great, but not so common Highland single malt and a superb grain whisky.

TEANINICH 1973, 41.8% £126.95
GIRVAN 1989, 46% £49.95

12 Year Old

A terrific new bottling from Campbeltown of the completely unpeated Hazelburn. Fruity, sweet and delicious. Springbank continues to produce an amazing variety of cracking malts.

HAZELBURN 12 £46.50

New Cask Vintages

Nine new Limited Edition bottlings

BENRIACH 1993 Cask 7420 £59.95
BENRIACH 1991 Cask 4389 £69.95
BENRIACH 1984 Cask 4052 £99.95
BENRIACH 1984 Cask 493 £99.95
BENRIACH 1981 Cask 2589 £121.95
BENRIACH 1980 Cask 2532 £149.95
BENRIACH 1979 Cask 7511 £149.95
BENRIACH 1978 Cask 4417 £179.95
BENRIACH 1977 Cask 1033 £196.95

3 New Recent Releases

‘The Rather Refined’, ‘The Rather Enriched’ and ‘The Exceptional’. Three quality malts from the modestly revived Glencadam distillery in Brechin. Amazingly good value on the 21 year old.

GLENCADAM 12 Portwood £33.95
GLENCADAM 14 Sherry £40.95
GLENCADAM 21 Year Old £51.95

14 Year Old

It’s been wonderful to witness how this modern, late 20th century distillery and it’s single malt have developed since opening in 1995. Arran distillery may still be in it’s infancy, but it’s spirit is strong and good!

ARRAN 14yr £38.95
ARRAN Amarone Finish 50% £37.95
ARRAN Port Finish 50% £37.95

New Release

Buy Balblair 2000 70cl, receive a free Balblair 1989 5cl miniature

This is replacing the soon to be discontinued 1997 bottling. Balblair is one of our favourite Highland malts. They use a high pecentage of bourbon casks for maturation, producing a lovely vanilla, caramel, fruity and mildly spiced character.

BALBLAIR 2000 £31.95

2 New Releases

In the past, ‘spiced rum’ meant a sickly sweet drink with lots of added vanilla flavour. Nowadays the spices are actually infused in the rum resulting in a more fullsome and fantastic flavour. Great on their own or mixed in cocktails.

ELEMENTS 8 Spiced Rum £27.95
CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE Spiced Rum £19.50

Organic Cachaca

A Caipirinha (which roughly translates as ‘Peasant’s drink’) is one of the finest drinks known to humankind. Feel good about yourself and the enviroment by using either of these 100% organic cachaca’s to make it.

ABELHA Gold Organic Cachaca £23.95
ABELHA Silver Organic Cachaca £19.95

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‘She poured a fat slug of mellow looking Scotch into my glass and squirted in some fizz water. It was the sort of liquor you think you can drink forever, but all you do is get reckless’

Raymond Chandler, ‘Farewell My Lovely’ (1940)


Royal Mile Whiskies
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